LUXIFER | WTF (Wednesday-Thursday-Friday)


I feel so young
I feel so old
I might be waiting
I might moving on

The closer I get
The harder the fall

You make it all feel better
You make it all feel wrong
You shall feel no pain
You shall feel no sorrow

Your rotten hand has touched all
Your palm feels so cold

We feel the rage
Spinning out of control
Telling us what we should be
Where the wind may blow

No hell we can find
And no truth we can hold



I drag myself out of bed
A part of me surprised I’m not dead
Empty bottles head full of pain
Broken promises disgust and shame

Where you goin' now?
Why are you leaving?

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday it's all the same
Every day's the same apart from the name
Need my fix and then it's all right
Survived another day so here comes the night

Demons grinning
And I'm not winning

Is this what I wanted to be?
Is this what I pictured of me?
Is this what I was looking for?
Ups and downs like insatiable whore



What makes you think
That if you scream now
What makes you think
That you’re living the dream now

To the very end
Now I'm closing my eyes

What makes you think
That if you beg now
What makes you think
That if you spread now

All those words you said
All the hatred you'd shed

LUXIFER | Lies on Repeat

1) F.E.A.R. (Filthy-Eroding-Awful-Rotten)



I don’t care cuz you don’t care

You don’t care so I don’t care

They don’t care we both don’t care

People running ’cause they are scared


Nowhere to run everywhere you’ll find

A bastard who talks the monster who’s hiding

Now I see all looks so clear

The moon the stars all bear my seal


Save your breath you’re fucking rude

Shameless pig do what you should

All that bullshit coming out of your mouth

Smashing your head into the ground


Life’s not cruel nothing is real

Hold on to yourself It’s not a big deal

Take a breath odds are against you

No more excuses I fuckin’ hate you


No one to hold nothing to feel

Eyes in the sky It looks surreal

Stay away nobody want you

Anger and hate I fuckin’ told you


Thought as the best God went to the funeral

Lies gone to the church where is your son now

Black roses on dust bodies lies down to the ground


Can it be saved within these walls where does it end

And how long will this go on before it all slips away

Their blinding lights or the clever lies

Lies on repeat


Despite their lies we have built this war machine

Despite their lies we drown in poverty

Despite their lies we taught to hate

Stranded insane plastic beliefs


Beyond the whispers there’s nothing but solitude a force with no face

You keep on falling down stuck in this tragic scene

Your presence stench of rotten flesh


Forbidden fruit from the vine of deception I pay the price of blood 

Devotion to the flag I cannot find a death

Filled with feelings from the voices in my head

Lies on repeat


Voices there is no voice the visions are all real

It feels so good then I shall shed no tears

Life is what you do life is what you make
That dream is dead dig out lies from the grave

When my world looks up to save

It kills me I saw it waiting

I hope we can find a way
I wish that day would just slip away
We give all that we can
And all I ever hear


Our lives we spend our lives waiting for the next good thing

Do we stop living or just walk away our lives

Make me believe that things are gonna be alright

The time is up and now I’m staring at the sky


I appreciate everything you have done for me

You're a good true friend I need you always beside me

Words of purity your intentions captures me

Talk within my heart everything you say is touching me


My poor mind never let me

Express sweet vibes but kept me

Locked instead pass my feelings

You fulfil all my willings


You have not a clue how you turned the gray to blue

After all this years I found you to wipe my tears

Long enough I wait promise you I will forsake

Let me tell you this no more lullabies of screams

My poor mind never let me

Express sweet vibes but kept me

Locked instead pass my feelings

You fulfil all my willings


My poor mind never let me

Express sweet vibes but kept me

Locked instead trust my feelings

I switch off all my willings